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Looking through the viewfinder of your camera, so many different thoughts run through your mind…are my settings ok? What about composition? Is this the best light? Should I add some light? Maybe I should pose this differently? The list goes on. But there are times when you look past all that and taking the photograph is more than just a technical feat, it is a labour of love when capturing that moment is far more important.

Take one of my all-time favourite photos, this was taken recently in my Nanny’s kitchen of my grandmother and my son. Ok, so the composition could’ve been better, I could’ve cleared away some of the clutter, according to Nanny she could’ve put on a nicer outfit (she’s very proud like that and would probably kill me if she knew she was featured on my first blog post!). Despite all of this, I love love love this photo! Mainly because it features two of my absolute favourite people in the world, happy and smiling, having a lovely moment together. And aren’t they just fabulous?

Generally I think this is one of the most important aspects of my photography, capturing the moments that you want to remember forever, the moments that mean most to you. This is what Old Forge Photography is about. Let me do this for you.

Yours and forever looking for light,

Andrea x

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