The Engagement shoot fear!

Recently friends of mine got engaged (hurray!), enter lots of jumping up and down and Prosecco! I love a good engagement. So being the photographer friend, I offered my friends an engagement shoot and a story book album as a gift and nice memento of the occasion. Looking back I really wish I took a photo of their faces for this blog post…horror is probably the most accurate description! They politely declined and explained it wasn’t their thing, different strokes for different folks I guess!

Now with a bee in my bonnet, I set off on some research to survey my married friends as to how many got engagement shoots after their big announcement…as it turns out none! Insert more shock here. As a photographer I love them, so I suppose I am a bit biased. This got me thinking about the odd relationship many Irish couples seem to have with the "dreaded" engagement shoot.

There is a perception that engagement shoots are corny, posed, and horrendously awkward for the couple standing in all their finery, being told what to do and where to look by the photographer tucked safely behind the camera! Are you freaking out yet? Luckily this is not how engagement shoots actually work…phew!

I see engagement shoots as being something really special and unique to every couple. Getting engaged is such an exciting time, but also very busy. Many couples enjoy the break from it all, and just spend quality time together, with a photographer capturing those special moments along the way. Aside from producing stunning images, the most important objective of the shoot for me is to make every couple feel confident, fabulous, and completely at ease with me as their chosen photographer. Many clients have even used the images on Save the Date cards or as guestbook images on the big day.

Still not sure? If you’re apprehensive, I totally get it…being in front of the camera isn’t always easy. Be rest assured I work extremely hard to make my clients feel comfortable, and at ease throughout the shoot. Just contact me for a chat, I will guide you through the process and answer any questions you have. We can even meet for a coffee and discuss further if you so wish!

Forever on my mission to make engagement shoots fabulous and fun,

Andrea x

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