Starting a business

That title still makes me come out in cold sweats...attractive! Launching my photography business recently has really tested my nerves, I constantly question myself and my decision every waking minute of the day. This is not only my first business venture, but also my first attempt at writing blog posts...I genuinely haven't written a creative word since my Leaving Cert days, and I wasn't up to much then either...shout out to the class of '04!

Many are also questioning the timing of this leap as my little man is just turning one (emotional roller-coaster alert!), and not to mention our impending house build. So yes, I have many doubts about it all, will it even work, does anyone know I'm here, am I literally the only person reading these posts (although I'm fairly sure my mother is lurking in the shadows somewhere)!

Despite all of this, I always shake off the doubts and keep moving. I remember the endless hours I put into Old Forge...shooting, designing, building, training, investing and I remind myself that I have come too far to turn back. After all, if I'm waiting to be "ready", I guess I'll be waiting the rest of my life!

Forever hoping there's more readers out there than just Josie,

Andrea x

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