Have you ever walked into a Spa and you're overcome by that lovely, relaxed all your troubles are just melting away? Like the outside world doesn't exist anymore? Like remembering you definitely turned off the immersion that morning? (real life people!) Well yeah, that's exactly what hits you walking into Annie's yoga studio. I don't know if it's the mixture of soft music, candle lighting, the fresh aromas floating around you, or Annie's chilled out style that does it, but the place is just a little corner of bliss on the outskirts of Tuam.

Annie asked me to come to her sports yoga class to take a few photos for promotional material, and knowing nothing about yoga, I was only delighted to get a chance to sit in on a class! To be fair to the Yogis in this particular group...they were total pros, and made it all look so effortless. Annie also has the teaching skills that would put Yoda to shame. Whatever about taking photos, I was being pulled more and more into the zen vibes in the studio with every minute that passed. So here are some of my favourites from the shoot. Hope you like them Annie!

And before you ask, yes I gave in and signed up for a beginners class.

Yours in search of a yoga mat,

Andrea x

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