If I can make it there...

So back in 2007, I encountered a lot of life changes…I entered final year of college, I finally mastered the art of driving, I mistakenly thinned my hair into some sort of weird layered disaster…but most importantly I fell in love...with New York City.

It was of course a summer J1 trip, and there was a number from college going. Having originally planned a summer by the beach, a last minute decision was made to stay in the city and seek out work there. That was the very moment everything kicked off, my life was forever changed.

Empire State, Broadway, 6 Train, Central Park, Woodlawn, Foley’s, Grand Central Station, Bagels & Coke, Metro North, 33rd Street, East Village, Canal Street, the boats from the boathouse, Bleecker Street, Yellow cabs, Astoria, waiting tables, working for tips…it all flashes through my mind on a constant loop. These were the experiences, the places, the smells, the sounds that I couldn’t get enough of.

Fast forward to now, and I still love going back. I left helpful hints for my husband as to what I would like to do for my 30th birthday…(when I say helpful hints what I really mean is I told him at I want to go to NYC for my 30th birthday so start saving!) In fairness to him, he took it all on board and we touched down in Newark on the 29th October.

I only had one real desire on this trip and that was to take photographs around the city. Ok shopping also came into it but best not mention how I blazed through my 1-day-old pay cheque in two days…beans on toast for dinner anyone? So here is a small selection of some of my favs from the trip. If you follow my Instagram account you may have noticed my obsession with the buildings, especially anything on the Upper East Side…I think I may have lived there in a past life, or at least maybe in a future one? Who knows!

Yours forever looking up at the skyline,

Andrea x

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