Ho Ho Hopeless!

Is it too early for a Santa pun? And before you think I've completely given up on life, my hopelessness is referring to my Christmas shopping skills.

So I started this year like every other...I'm going to get all my shopping sorted early this year, I'll be organised this year, I'll have it all sorted and wrapped by the end of November this year...well the end of November is upon us and the current present count is at two. Yep, two. Does any of this sound familiar?

And then there's the annual struggle of what to actually buy for your loved ones...I genuinely think I've given Nanny the same type of slippers the past 5 years! Well it's time to shake it up people...and this is where I come in!

Is there anyone on your list this year who has just welcomed a new arrival? Or maybe you have some insider knowledge of a loved one about to pop the question? Or do you simply want to gift someone a family photo shoot to get some fabulous shots with the kiddies out and about?

Well if so, I would love to chat to you about your options and help you create something extra special for your loved ones this year. Simply contact me through the website or at info@oldforge.ie. Let's make it one to remember!

Yours with still only 2 gifts bought,

Andrea x

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