Not really a blog post, but...

This isn't a typical blog post, but I just HAD to share this! Anyone that follows my Instagram account may have seen my brand new Sigma macro lens I got for my birthday lately (thanks Niall!). I have been drooling over this lens for a long time so I am still far too excited about it! (Sidenote: I'm thinking I might post a review of the lens at a later date....but so far I am LOVING it!)

Anywho, I brought it out yesterday to take some winter shots, and it being a Sunday I brought the little man with me and made a nice family stroll out of it (two birds with one stone y'know?)...although he didn't quite agree!

Check out his champion stink-eye here...this is the "I really don't care for this, Mother" look. Unimpressed or what?! Well at least I can say I've taught him something!

Yours whilst torturing her son,

Andrea x

#photography #love #galway #mayo #roscommon #family #winterwalks #chilled

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