Candid Craze.

Shooting a wedding day is probably one of the most exciting, stressful, crazy and rewarding things I've ever done. To witness a wedding day from start to finish, and to be given the job of documenting it is really a privilege for me. I love the nervous excitement of the morning bridal prep, the anticipation at the church for the big arrival, the relief during the ceremony when the rings are on the fingers, the quiet moments between the bride and groom during their shoot, and the party atmosphere at the reception. You really do see a whole spectrum of emotions throughout the day, and that's just lovely.

For the vast majority of a wedding day, I shoot candid shots...these are the un-posed, natural images taken of the day unfolding. I live for these shots. You cannot duplicate the special moment when a father sees his daughter in her dress, the groom sees her walking up the aisle, the private looks they give each other during the ceremony when no-one is watching, these are my fist-pump moments when I get them!

On a side note, our wedding photographer caught the moment I gave Niall the ultimate death stare when it looked like our Minister of the Eucharist never showed up, thankfully he was sitting way down the back of the church (shout out to Kevin...buddy you were 10 seconds from eternal damnation in my eyes!). Our photographer also caught the moment Kevin did show up and I started roaring laughing at Niall, who I'm sure at this stage was questioning some of his life choices.

So back to the candids. Last May I shot a garden wedding party in Dun Laoghaire, it was one of the rare heat-waves we had this year. The bride and groom were super chilled, and just wanted candid shots of their guests kicking back and enjoying the day. So there was a lot of my just floating around and capturing moments as they happen...I promise it's not as weird as it sounds! This post is just a small collection of what I shot that day. I hope it shows you guys a little bit more about me and my work.

And to Rachel and Graham, you guys are gorgeous. Thank you for having me capture your special day.

Yours forever lurking in the background with a camera (swear I'm not weird),

Andrea x

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