Here come the guys...getting the Groom ready!

Each wedding I shoot, I have a particular "shot list" that I work from. Generally this is a list of the shots I absolutely need to take on a wedding day. It starts off in the morning with bridal preparations, dress shots, detail shots, the bride and her maids, etc. I move swiftly along then to the ceremony location, where I take some more detail shots, and of course some with the Groom and his groomsmen. This then leads onto the bride arriving, walking up the aisle....ok, so you get the idea...the usual run of a wedding day.

But what happens if you want some shots of the groom and his groomsmen getting ready (which are always greats shots btw...I love shooting groom prep)! I recently had a bride request this, but the groom's location was a 40 minute drive away from the bride's home...for a photographer on their own, this is not possible I'm afraid. There are a whole load of reasons I never go to the groom's location if I'm shooting a wedding solo, including:

a) firstly, the guys would have to start getting ready and be fully dressed by approximately 9.00am for me to get on the road to be at the bride's location on time...this is based on a ceremony time of 12.30. And let's face it...having the guys ready to rock by 9.00am...firstly it's unlikely, not to mention a total pain for them. The groom should enjoy his morning and not be worrying about getting the photographer out the door on time.

b) secondly, if there is any slight delay during the groom prep, this eats into time spent shooting the bridal prep. On the morning of a wedding I always allow myself plenty of time to ensure the bridal prep is given all my care and attention, so the thought of rushing through these shots actually brings me out in cold sweats!

c) thirdly, timing a wedding day is a fine art. The bride and groom have given so much thought and consideration into planning the perfect day...the absolute last thing you want is a delay in proceedings*, and as a photographer I see it part of my job to help keep things moving and not causing any delays in the bride and groom's overall plan. I think you get the idea...timing is so important to me as a wedding photographer, and spreading myself too thin on the big day is not a runner.

So my advice on getting some great groom prep shots...ask your photographer what it would cost to hire a second shooter for the morning/full day. This is a perfect way to get the best of both worlds without compromising on time or the quality of work produced by the photographer.

I hope this helps in planning your big day, and if anything shows you how nice it is to capture that nervous excitement on your groom's face on one of the most special mornings of his life.

Yours and always checking the time,

Andrea x

*it's always a bride's perogative to be a little late on her wedding day!😊

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