We are Family...Family photo shoot with the Mullins.

Family photo shoots are fast becoming my new favourite thing...the fun I'm having hanging out with new people and capturing fun, candid moments for them. But more so, I love being part of producing something families will always have, something that their children and their children's children will look at and wonder who's who in the photo. These are the images that are eternal, not always the ones on your phone or an old memory card that's lost in the couch, the images and prints from these shoots are the ones you will forever keep and pass on for generations to come. I love being part of that.

Now let's go back. It was Christmas week, it was freeeezing, it was pretty overcast, but they still showed up. Not only did they show up, but they ROCKED it! Meet the Mullins.

As stated above, it was that stage of Christmas week where you're not really 100% on what day of the week it is, and you've eaten Roses for breakfast...again. I had organised a family photo shoot with Brendan at Dunmore castle (love this location btw...you can do 100 shoots here and they'll all look different). So shaking off the morning, I looked out the window and tried to look past the fact it was so overcast, particularly for a photo shoot.

Out to the castle I went and met the Mullins there. As always they were full of beans and so excited to get started. No word of a lie, they had just gotten out of the car and the setting-sun decided to show it's face for the first time all day...that amazing light you envy the American photographers for, the light they have in spades all year round...yes that light! So insert fist pump here!

I'm not crazy on over-posing my shots, and luckily neither were these guys...they were happy to do their own thing and let me capture it...little did I know that they were total pros at this! To be fair we spent most of the shoot laughing at each other and when I would go to take some sneaky shots, they would go all Sasha Fierce on me...as I said, total pros!

So I want to thank the gang for being such fantastic fun and amazing clients, I hope they enjoyed the shoot as much as I did...not too bad for an overcast start!

Yours always waiting for that sunset,

Andrea x

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