Choosing your wedding photographer.

I always over-simplify things in life, eg. there are two types of people in the world...people who; (A) like beetroot, and (B) people that don't. Yes, I'm a real philosopher aren't I?! My theory also conveniently applies to wedding planning...there are two types of people in the world; (A) those who book their photography in jig time, usually based on convenience, availability and budget, and then (B) those who agonize over the big decision for weeks.

I, believe it or not, fall into category B. We are building a house at the minute and Niall arrived home last week with 7/8 roof tile samples. This is where I fall down, choice is not my friend. Needless to say I side stepped that one and left it to him!

So I thought I would put together a blog post on choosing your wedding photographer and ensuring you are happy with your decision.

#1: Make sure you like their style:

And I'm not referring to their latest purchase from Zara here, do you like their photographic style? Is it candid, romantic, natural, posed, artistic, or traditional? Have a scroll through their portfolio and blog posts, this will give you a better feel for their work. A big no-no is to book a photographer and then inform them of aspects of their work you don't like and would prefer they didn't do. Sure, ideas and suggestions are great, we love those, but if you book a photographer they will work under the assumption you like their style and will do what they usually do shooting a wedding. So always choose someone who's work you already admire, this is less stress for all involved on the day.

#2: Do you guys get on?

I love meeting couples for a coffee and a chat, this usually happens around the time of booking. It's so nice to meet people face to face, and get an idea of how we will gel...fabulously I have no doubt! Aside from his amazing style, we finalised our booking with our own wedding photographer in the end because he was just a nice guy and we got on well. Your photographer will be with you pretty much for the entire day, so it's nice to have met before hand and not feel like total strangers at the wedding.

#3: What's your budget?

Now I'd be a totally out of touch if I pretended this wasn't a factor in your decision making. Of course everyone has a budget in mind for photography, and for most aspects of the wedding planning! So naturally this is an important part of choosing your ideal photographer. When a photographer gives you their pricing guide, ensure you are well informed as to what is or is not, digital images, an album, prints, etc. Also research any possible extra costs such as a second shooter, travel expenses, extended coverage. Weigh up your options, and see what best fits your projected spend.

#4: Trust:

I've said before that shooting a wedding day is one of the craziest, exciting, nerve-wracking and rewarding thing I've ever do you trust me to do it justice? (I'm hoping you're nodding here)! But a major part of the process is knowing my clients trust me to do the best possible job of photographing their big day and producing quality work for them that tells their story perfectly. This trust means a lot to me, and I would hope upon booking your wedding photographer you feel you have this trust too. I like to think back to our own wedding day, I did not give a seconds thought to our photographer and what he was doing, I knew he knew his craft and I trusted him implicitly to capture our day and knock it out of the park too!

Wedding photography is such an important decision in the planning process, and as both a photographer and one-time bride, I'm hoping these little tips will help you out on your path to the big day. Sure as the old saying goes, hind sight is a great thing!

Forever yours and looking for a reason to meet for coffee,

Andrea x

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