Do we really need a wedding album?

I get asked this a lot, not so much by clients but by friends, colleagues, and people I meet on a day to day we really need a wedding album? I always say the same'll regret it if you don't. Yeah, yeah, so you're thinking here comes the sales pitch! No, no sales pitch here I'm afraid. Not today.

Each of my wedding collections include a wedding album, I don't use any sales pitch as the album is already part of the deal. Why do I do this? Do you really need it? Of course not, a wedding album is not a need per say, but I cannot tell you how many people have told me they regret not opting for an album as part of their wedding photography services.

You see, an album is one of those things we put on the long finger when we're planning our weddings. We don't see it as an immediate need for the wedding day itself, and we tend to tuck it away onto that list of stuff you're gonna buy after the wedding, (because at the moment you're skint saving every penny you have for said wedding)...also on that list is a new couch, new clothes, maybe a new phone, more new clothes, a holiday, those boots you've being eyeing up, and a unicorn. Albums always fall down the pecking order a little bit, so I like to include them in my wedding collections to save this becoming an item on the endless post-wedding shopping list!

Also there's a little bit of my own indulgence involved here. I actually love designing wedding's kind of a weird thing about me. I love pouring hours into producing an amazing finished product, and then showing it off. It's like when you got new runners when you were wore them to school on P.E day, you felt 10 foot tall, and faster too. Wedding albums are my new runners! I'm always so proud of the finished product, and delivering those memories to a couple is so exciting for me. If you could see what I do when couples are leafing through their wedding album for the first time, it would make this blog post obsolete, you would just know. These albums are eternal.

Yours always delivering your albums in her new runners,

Andrea x

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