What to do if it rains on your Wedding Day.

So they say in Norway that there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. Well unless you intend on getting married in the lovely rain gear you purchased in Lidl (when you went in for just milk), then the Norwegian's advice isn't much help to us...sorry guys!

Nothing makes an Irish wedding like a bit of rain. The Child of Prague seems to wield some sort of mystical power over wedding day weather, and when the sun is up on the big morning, it's all down to the child! Then there's the opposite Irish saying that rain on the wedding day brings a happy marriage...confused? Met too. Let's just accept the fact that in Ireland, there may be rain somewhere along the way, and we need to know how to deal with it so it doesn't take away from the big day.

1) Use sheltered outdoor spaces.

The way I shoot weddings, I love to use as much natural light as what's available...not always easy in Ireland, but definitely worth making an extra effort for when you see the results! Old ruins, stone archways, gazebos, canopies, it's all good for outdoor shooting on a rainy day. The results can be stunning, and these features always add character to a photograph, telling the story as the day unfolds.

2) Umbrellas are our friends.

Yes an obvious one, but what's the one thing I forgot on the morning of our wedding? Yep, an umbrella. Wedding umbrellas are not only very handy for keeping the rain off during the shoot, but can also be a quirky detail in the bridal party shots. So one umbrella for the bride, and one per bridesmaid would be ideal. Our friends at One Fab Day have done the leg work and put together a blog on the piece you can read here.

3) Head inside.

When the rain just won't let up, maybe it's time to head inside for portraits there instead. Don't fret just yet, this can be a great opportunity for amazing shots at your wedding venue, and us photographers love getting creative with silhouette shots or flash.

4) Don't worry about it.

This takes me back to an earlier blog I wrote on wedding advice from a former bride to a future one...you gotta roll with it and enjoy your day, raining or otherwise. To be fair, I think the wonderful brides of Ireland have this one down...if rain bothered us that much, we'd have followed through on that plan to move to Barbados long ago! And don't forget, if you want a rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!

Yours forever looking for her umbrella,

Andrea x

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