"You won't see me for the first hour"

I say that single phrase to every client I meet on the lead up to their wedding day...and probably say it too much! I know...sounds lazy, right? But this is how I work. Let me explain.

I am that wedding photographer that likes to be invisible. I like to float around in the shadows of your day, simply taking photos. Sometimes I actually think some people don't realise I'm there on the morning of the wedding until they start making shapes to go to the ceremony. More often than not I meet people just before the first dance and they make that "are you still here?" look. So you're now thinking I'm not really selling myself here. But I am.

This is how I work. I don't think I'm part of your big day, your wedding day has nothing to do with me, it's not about me. It's all about you. I will be there alright, hanging about, stalking your family and friends (in a good way!), documenting the day as it happens. My entire ethos is built on each couple enjoying their day, going with the flow, having fun and capturing some great memories as we go. Yes, I will speak from time to time...generally to pose the family formal photos and those wow shots from the bride & groom shoot right after the ceremony. But that's about the height of it. I will also dance when your band gets going, camera in hand of course. I love photography and I love dancing...so it's win win!

If you think this is the type of photographer you would like hanging around on your big day, then get in touch.

Yours, taking detail shots for the first hour (hence why you won't see me!)

Andrea x

P.S. I do talk to people, often its a flood-gate situation...once I start I don't stop. The choice is yours ;-)

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